Do they actually make power??

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Asked on August 5, 2019 5:33 pm
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A lot of guys get fooled into think Spacers (Manifold and Throttle body) will make power…THAT’S WRONG! Spacer do effect the motor, but not in the way most think.
Spacers, simply put, are just extensions of the intake plenums/runners…the longer the runner the more Torque a motor makes down low, the shorter the runner/plenum
usually means the motor will have more top end. So really in the end spacers are only simply shifting or moving the power band around, with it usually gaining about
4-5 torque down low in the 2500-4500rpm range…but when power is added down low, it takes that power from somewhere else, and that “somewhere else” is usually always
your TOP END POWER. So essentially all it’s doing is moving the power from your top end, down lower in the power band, NOT gaining any power and actually LOSING Power
up top!! This also holds true with TB spacers, but that shift in power is EVEN LESS then IM spacers, making TB spacer completely worthless for HP gains. Don't take that
the wrong way, as TB spacer do have a use when neededing to adapt a different bolt pattern/large TB onto another IM. They also come in handy for Nitrous plates etc...
We have just seen the TB spacers being used for Power gains ONLY is a waste of time and effort....and most of all MONEY.

Further more, the Spacers you see some companies offer are cut in half (half the size) as the OEM full size spacer would require your hood to be spaced up or the hood
wouldn’t close. To get past this, those companies cut the spacers in half, essentially making that part only half effective as it should be. So in the end, they get two
parts to sell for the price of (1) and you get half the gains……which is next to nothing. Full size spacers will move the power band and you’ll see 4-5tq gains down low
(again losing power up top), Now cut that in half and that nets you a whopping 1-2.5 tq gains!!!) . For the cost, time, effort, etc….it’s simply not worth the effort
e focus on parts that have been PROVEN to make a difference and GAIN power, not simply shift it around (PnP IM 8-15whp Gains,
PnP Stage 3 Venturi TB 5-12whp gains, PnP Runners 5-15whp Gains).

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Posted by (Questions: 5, Answers: 10)
Answered on August 5, 2019 5:33 pm
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